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What is Tuckpointing?

When a brick home has deteriorated mortar, tuckpointing enhances and restores through the act of filling the joints with closely matched new mortar and putty. There are certain masonry terms that can help you understand the tuckpointing process:

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Tuckpointing Offers a Cleaner Visual of the Bricks

From a distance, one will not notice where the mortar ends and the brick begins, giving the illusion of fresh, new masonry.

Why does a building need Tuckpointing?


Weather is a major reason for mortar joint deterioration. Extreme temperatures, moisture, or even pressure from the overhead weight of the structure can create joint failure over the years. Mortar typically lasts 25 to 30 years, while bricks can last over a century.


Settling can cause cracks within your walls, and combined with erosion, it could be a recipe for disaster. If you see cracks with crumbling mortar, you should consider repair before there is any additional or significant damage or affect to the structure.